Fundación Cibervoluntarios (Spain)

Fundación Cibervoluntarios is a Spanish NGO of international scope focused on promoting an inclusive digital transition and eliminating the digital divide. A global pioneer in the creation and management of a technological volunteer network, they provide free digital skills training to thousands of people a year, promoting social innovation and participation through the use of technology. Fundación Cibervoluntarios promotes equal access to technology to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to develop their autonomy and social participation, strengthen their rights as well as access employment opportunities and educational innovation.

The foundation has a network of more than 2,800 cybervolunteers and collaborates with more than 1,600 organizations (NGOs, associations, municipalities, universities, primary and secondary schools, etc.) all over Spain. Fundación Cibervoluntarios has extensive experience in international projects and is currently involved in Horizon Europe, Next Generation Internet and Erasmus+ European initiatives.

Newtral (Spain)

Newtral is a media start-up that focuses on producing programs for television and digital platforms, as well as innovating journalism through fact-checking, data journalism, and creating new narratives for social networks. In this regard, their media literacy division, Newtral Educación, is committed to promoting education to combat disinformation. They also have a dedicated research division that leverages artificial intelligence protocols.

WeSchool (Italy)

WeSchool is the Italian EdTech leader on a mission to innovate teaching and learning experiences. With a community of 2.319.248 users on board its platform, WeSchool is the Italian player in digital learning experiences. One of the three platforms recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education to be used for remote learning during the Covid-19 crisis, along with Google and Microsoft, in 2021 it has delivered over 6 million hours of training to teachers and students everywhere in Italy.

Centro F.L. Ferrari (Italy)

Centro F.L. Ferrari is an Italian NGO that carries out research on economic, political, cultural, historical, and social trends, at local and regional levels, in relation to European and international key issues by testing innovative methods and analysis tools. Centro Ferrari has started “In-ForMedia”, a permanent Media Education center addressed to both students and teachers of local primary and secondary schools as well as university professors. It organizes journalism labs as well as communication, comics, cartoons, and video production. They also support teachers and educators in planning media training courses.

European School Brussels II (Belgium)

The European School Brussels II (Woluwe) is part of the network of 13 European schools (and 20 EU accredited schools), located throughout the European Union, and more locally it is part of a group of four European Schools in Brussels. The European School Brussels II caters to 3,500 students, from kindergarten through to secondary education. Almost 2,000 of the students are in secondary school and about half of them are within the 14-19 age.

Epal Kaisarianis (Greece)

Epal Kaisarianis is a public body founded in 1976 working in the field of vocational training. Currently, Epal Kaisarianis has 300 students and 45 teacher-trainers in 6 different sectors. They have been involved in Erasmus+ projects since 2015.